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A project by subwave and Zufallsdesign.com

The randomizer online database tool is designed for all players in lotteries, beginners to advanced and system players, to lead to more payback of the invested money and a higher chance for mid and big wins.

Since the lotteries offer online a random generator for the tips, I tried my luck again after long years. But my results looked on all the many slips I had filled the same - it probably looks familiar also to you:


At least would the randomly generated numbers prevent the breakup of a higher win - how it was sometimes the case when the drawn numbers matched a simple pattern or just the most outstanding numbers.

Earlier experiments (calculated by hand) with an certain algorithm to weight numbers out of the archive with the past results have namely showed, that on average, more numbers can get predicted correctly - so that small winnings appear regularly.

This, now optimized algorithm, is currently turned into a software, which is fed with the archive of the drawn numbers of the past years. The software is now beeing tested and will be comng out as an app for Android and Itunes.

The first tests with 6 played lottery tickets and weighted numbers after the rules of probability calculations look already better; 4 wins appeared at first go:



Probability at swisslotto for a 3 is 2,27 %

Also in the german lottery we played in three draws one ticket each - the result was 2 wins with 3 correct numbers.


Swisslos 14.11.15
No win but still good predictions
predictions-2 pred-1411-3
Tables with the weighted numbers out of 2 calculations (for 50 predictions).
Our formula was getting better chances, as the average weight is above middle value.
On the second table was average weight 7,07 - while the correctly predicted numbers at 7.83 : Ca. 11% better winning chances.

18.11. First prediction is a 4

win 25-11-15

Nov 25 - another win with this one slip. It usually needed 10 slips for one 3.



5. and 12. december 2015 2 x 10 tips made - 3 wins. Without our system, 300 tips would have been needed for such result. (Dec 5 it was too late to play them).

25.1.16 - Der Algorithm had a fault , so we did not play for a while. Now corrected and to test we predicted following 2 draws which were not yet in the database - only those until 16.1.2016

Swisslotto 20. 1. 16 : 2 - 5 - 15 - 17 - 18 - 30
Swisslotto 23. 1. 16 : 3 - 5 - 7 - 24 - 30 - 36

All these numbers (with exception of the 17 ) are from the system especially weighted and several wins would be in these 50 propositions, would we have played.


25.1.16 Swisslotto -One slip, one win. And the longest outstanding extra numbers 2 and 3 chosen.
These 'lucky numbers, or 'stars' in Euromillions' will be soon also predicted by our app..



Conclusion after 2 months: Up to now all our predictions were above average. But as still everything is happening by chance, there will be also draws where our predictions are below. Essential is the average of a high number of predictions. This is what we will measure in our software.

Additionally, the chances are much better to keep a high win for yourself, compared to when you fill the ticket by hand, because patterns are avoided und oustanding numbers are not excessively weighted.

Our algorithm is gradually beeing improved.


Behind randomizer stands the matter of dispute among friends, if it is possible to enhance the chances to win (in the long run) slightly with use of the rules of probability calculation.
Most of my colleagues denied it strictly - as the professional world does.

With laborious calculations and weighted numbers, I had a series of wins about 20 years ago. Later on, I did no more find the time, but it seemed possible to play the lottery more successful like that.

Most ppl will just repeat what they learned in school - that with every new draw, the probabilities for every number reamain exactly the same, because a lotto system can never have a memory - So expressed extremely:

Somebody who will just repeat the numbers of the last draw every time, will have the very same probablity for the 6 correct numbers (and other small wins) like the one who is making calculations with the different mathematic rules from the theory of probability.

Other people claim, that because the lotto machine is not perfect, some numbers will come out more often.

Both ways of thinking are only partly true in my opinion.

With our system, we try to focus on the fact that there is a natural distribution of the numbers. Similar to rain, which will cover soon an entire square without leaving certain spots dry - or the atmospheric noise, which on a color TV will be seen as grey only, though it is composed by the 3 colors red, green and blue.

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